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Service Description

If you're a switched on and evolving individual who is ready to crack open your heart and move into your next level of Sovereignty, then let's work together to make that happen. If you believe you're ready to explore your truth and see what's in the way of that blissful relationship, career or happier life experiences then listen to your soul and decide: • Do you ever question whether you deserve the life you dream of? • Do you wonder why you attract partners, jobs or situations that don't seem aligned with who you believe yourself to be? • Do you find yourself repeating old patterns and wondering why certain aspects of your life are stuck on repeat? • Have you had enough of feeling like there's something missing or that things go well for a while and then fizzle out, but you don't even know why? • Are you 100% ready to get real and hear some hard truths that will set you free? • Are you committed to unblocking your path and walking into a new truth? If you answered yes to any (or all) of the above then it could be perfect timing to begin your 2021 upgrade. Heartfulness & Truth-based Mentoring is my way of uncovering the unconscious barriers and beliefs that have held you back. If you're ready to hear it, I will help you unlock some of the things that have blocked you from enjoying a more meaningful life. It's likely that when we work together your thinking will change. You'll be invited to reframe the way you see things and will begin to believe in yourself in a more complete way. Warning: my work is what you might call tough love. I do not sugar coat. I want you to hear, see and feel what is lurking in your shadow so you can truly shine: authentically and unapologetically. Letting these truths land requires courage. You can't see them because they're in the dark. They've been disavowed. Pushed below the surface, in order to protect you. Protection serves a short-term purpose but shining brightly requires us to see what's in the dark. You'll hear it. You'll feel the shift. A thousand breakthroughs will follow. You'll be supported by someone who's done the work. You'll survive and thrive as a result. If you feel called to clear your pain through truth-based mentoring then speak to me. Reach out and let's start the process. Negotiate with me if money is a problem right now. Whatever your situation, show up and lead from your heart and let Life show you what's possible. Is your darkness is calling to be brought forth?

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